Newswire: Shaq Fu 2 is real and there’s a trailer to prove it

Last year we brought you news that former NBA star and retired genie Shaquille O’Neal was putting together a sequel to Shaq Fu, the old game that dared to ask: What if Shaq fought a mummy? (The answer: It’s pretty boring, and then your mom gets mad because you didn’t like the game she spent her hard-earned money to rent for you from Blockbuster, and nobody gets ice cream that night.)

A year later, the crowdfunding campaign for the new game—titled Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn—appeared to have already fulfilled its primary function, in that we all got a chuckle at the idea of a Shaq Fu sequel, and then we moved on with our lives. But apparently neophyte studio Big Deez Productions didn’t get the memo, because they’ve been hard at work translating O’Neal’s famous combat acumen into an actual …

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