Newswire: Sex toys, vaping, and $275 toilet paper among this year’s Oscars fringe benefits

Amid all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and boring movie talk, sometimes the true reason for the awards season is forgotten: Giving celebrities free stuff and validation that they don’t really need, because they’re already rich and famous. The Hollywood Reporter has a list of the items—valued at more than $200,000—included in this year’s Oscars gift bags, which will be distributed to 24 white people and one Mexican guy (a.k.a. this year’s acting and directing nominees).

Chief among the goodies are a $250 vaporizer from Haze Dual, as well as $300 worth of personalized M&M’s you can look at longingly and maybe smell a little bit after using the vaporizer, then remember you’re an actor and can’t eat M&M’s. More practical is a $250 vibrator, the Fiera Arouser for Her, which, along with the …

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