Newswire: Several studios are reportedly fighting for the rights to adapt Serial

For some listeners, the best part of the first season of Serial was getting a chance to hear about a true crime story without the stigma that comes from something like a Lifetime movie or the sensationalism of the local news. As a podcast, Serial was cool. It was hip. It wasn’t the usual hacky bullshit you see on TV or in movies. It’s hardly surprising, then, that movie and TV studios are reportedly falling over themselves to turn it into a TV show or a movie.

As we reported back in November, Serial’s producers said they had no interest in selling the movie rights—or even thinking about selling them—until the show’s final episode had aired. Now that it has, the bidding war has apparently begun. According to The Tracking Board, TriStar’s TV branch (which is apparently still a thing that exists) was …

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