Newswire: Settle down with Marriages’ new record

Formed by two members of post-rock band Red Sparowes, Marriages’s sound is leaner than that of the band that spawned it. The group’s debut EP, Kitsune, matched Red Sparowes’ ambiance, but its upcoming debut full-length, Salome, tightens the screws until the band becomes a force all its own. Where Kitsune locked together into a sprawling piece, Salome is composed of concise songs that don’t take away from Marriages’ vast scope. The A.V. Club is premiering all of Salome in advance of its April 7 release on Sargent House, and the record sees Emma Ruth Rundle’s voice haunt atop the band’s labored movements as the trio finds ways to make post-rock emphasize the second part of that genre descriptor.

Both physical and digital pre-orders of Salome are available now.

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