Newswire: Seth Meyers takes a closer look at how the Trump camp is straight-up gaslighting us now

With Donald Trump’s cabal of advisors, family members, unqualified party planners, religious zealots, white supremacists, propagandists, and assorted shady characters all seemingly under investigation for various degrees of collusion with Russia (among other charges), it was only a matter of time before the hammer came down on Trump himself. With the appointment of infamously dogged Robert Mueller as special counsel on the whole Trump-Russia mess, that day seems to finally have come, what with the nation’s leader firing off this tweet (as the kids call it) in the early morning hours of this past Friday:

That’s pretty much unequivocal, right? President Donald Trump complaining about a “witch hunt” consisting of an official investigation of him, for obstruction of justice. Blammo. Except that, as Seth Meyers pointed out on last night’s Late Night, Trump is totally not under investigation, at least according to Jay Sekulow, one of …

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