Newswire: Seth Meyers hammers Republican health care hypocrisy on Late Night

With the Republicans finally releasing the details of their so-called health care plan earlier in the day, Seth Meyers took one of his signature closer looks last night at both the substance and the process involved in the GOP’s official Obamacare replacement. SPOILER: He wasn’t a fan. Sure, Meyers is famously no fan of this administration’s policies, and there are two sides to every issue and all, but the Late Night host made a lot of the inescapably damning points critics of the bill and people with human souls have made about the earlier, House-passed version of the Affordable Health Care Act in the most effective way possible.

Using Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s own words against him, Meyers (and his clip team) assembled a montage of an indignant McConnell railing against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act back when it was being passed. McConnell complained …

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