Newswire: Seth Meyers bans Donald Trump from Late Night

The world of late-night talk has had a bizarre relationship with Donald Trump over the last few months, with shows like The Tonight Show and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert alternating between bringing the Republican frontrunner onto their sets for strained but polite conversation (and the attendant ratings his boisterous assholery is always sure to bring), and slamming the Republican frontrunner with jokes about his small hands, his terrible hair, and his rampant bigotry. Now, one host has declared that he’s stepping out of the Trump cycle, with Late Night’s Seth Meyers stating last night that The Donald was unequivocally banned from his show.

Meyer’s statement—which came in the form of a scathing six-minute desk piece on last night’s Late Night—was inspired by Trump banning The Washington Post from his campaign, after the paper “misinterpreted” the candidate’s implications that President Obama was …

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