Newswire: Seth MacFarlane thinks 2 Black Dudes are funny, executive produces their show

According to Deadline, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will executive produce a new single-camera comedy for Fox called 2 Black Dudes created by J. Lee, a writer on MacFarlane’s late Cleveland Show. Mike Mariano (Raising Hope) will serve as showrunner. The series is reported to be an “edgy comedy” about two cousins who have different perspectives on life and “continuously bump heads on everything from religion, sex, politics, and being black in America all the way down to who’s the best ninja turtle.” This doesn’t seem very edgy at the outset, but just imagine if the two turtles chosen were tedious Donatello and moody Raphael. Then this show would prove itself to be a real wild card.

Anyway, since 2 Black Dudes sounds pretty boring, let’s talk about its creator, J. Lee. He’s an accomplished classical pianist who played at Carnegie Hall at the age …

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