Newswire: Sesame Street to be renovated for season 46

Much like how Rudy Giuliani cleaned up Times Square by forcing out all of the homeless people and porno theaters, Sesame Street—the popular Muppet neighborhood depicted in the children’s show Sesame Street—will also be getting renovated soon. According to Variety, the Sesame Street set will be getting some new additions, including “a new nest for Big Bird and a new community center,” that will “offer young viewers a better sense” of their favorite characters’ homes. Also, all of the homeless people and porno theaters will be forced out.

The set will reportedly look “more vibrant overall,” and it will also add a new home for Cookie Monster, a new location for Oscar The Grouch’s garbage can (he’s not a homeless person, so it’s fine), and “new digs” for Elmo that “reflect the bedrooms of the tots watching the show.” Executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente says …

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