Newswire: Series arc achieved: Rick And Morty’s Justin Roiland finally got his McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

The marketing folks for fast food companies pretty much live for the chance to attach their products to hot pop culture brands, so when a hit show—like, say, Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty—lobs a slow, easy pitch at them—by declaring that one of their discontinued products is its “series arc,” for instance—it’s not super surprising that they’d take the swing. So while we’re happy to report that McDonald’s gifted the show’s creator, Justin Roiland, with a jug of its now memetically fabled Szechuan dipping sauce last night, just before the series’ third-season premiere, it doesn’t come entirely from out of left field. (Especially since Roiland—talking at Comic-Con last week—had said the company had told him it was going to be sending him some of his teriyaki holy grail.)

Holy shit.

— Justin Roiland (@JustinRoiland …

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