Newswire: Serial’s Jay wants to talk, maybe

Those of us who were hanging out on Twitter on Christmas Eve instead of waiting up for Santa may have seen writer Kelly Oxford’s tweet about Jay Wilds of Serial fame: “Jay from @serial posted on FB that he wants to give an interview. Also? He’s Team Hae (even though he buried her.)” Oxford has since deleted the tweet and the image the accompanied it:

Wilds had deleted this from his Facebook page within a couple hours of allegedly posting it (and also, supposedly, put it back up and took it back down again), and as far as we can tell, he hasn’t made any other moves to suggest he wants to talk to Serial host Sarah Koenig or anybody else. But of course, Redditors and other Serial obsessives have taken to the Internet to discuss the possible ramifications of this alleged Facebook post. Many Serial listeners …

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