Newswire: Serial plane crasher Harrison Ford to narrate an aviation documentary

Earlier this month, Harrison Ford crashed his vintage World War II aircraft onto a golf course. Once it was clarified that he wasn’t too seriously hurt, the Internet celebrated with a torrent of gentle, corny teasing. Now The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Ford has signed on to narrate Living In The Age Of Airplanes, a documentary about man’s history of flight. National Geographic Studios announced Ford’s involvement while the 72-year-old actor is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Despite the temptation to point out the awkward timing, Ford’s participation makes sense. The flight enthusiast took his first flying lessons in the ’60s, and has been flying regularly since the ’90s. And while his recent accident isn’t the first time Ford has been involved in a plane crash, he’s also used his personal aircraft to locate and rescue hikers, and has long …

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