Newswire: Selma Blair to play America’s needy aunt Kris Jenner on American Crime Story

Despite pretty much everyone wishing that O.J. Simpson would just go away, Ryan Murphy knows that a fictionalized account of Simpson’s murder trial is just what the world needs. And his list of notable actors joining the cast just increased by one uncanny look-alike. Deadline reports that Selma Blair has joined the cast of American Crime Story, where she’ll be playing the role of Kris Jenner, the ex-wife of Simpson’s lawyer and close friend Robert Kardashian.

Blair is no doubt excited to join the show, as it is a job that involves not having to be anywhere near Charlie Sheen. It’s unclear just how large a role she will play, though; Jenner was already divorced from Kardashian when the Simpson trial went forward, so it’s unlikely she’ll see a ton of screen time. Then again, if there’s one thing Kris Jenner is …

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