Newswire: Selma and The Imitation Game accused of factual inaccuracy, per Oscar tradition

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are only a couple of months away, leading to much spirited discussion among movie fans about which films and filmmakers deserve to have their hard work validated with little golden statues. That will then lead to another awards-season tradition as studios and op-ed columnists to to tear down certain movies by attacking their factual accuracy. The practice ran rampant last year as critics picked apart the historical accuracy of 12 Years A Slave, wondered if the real Captain Phillips was friendly enough to be played by Tom Hanks, and questioned whether anything that happened in Gravity made sense. Now, mudslinging season is open on two films considered frontrunners for Best Picture nominations: Selma and The Imitation Game.

The attack on Selma comes from Joseph A. Califano Jr., Lyndon Johnson’s assistant during the Selma marches. Writing in The Washington Post, Califano takes issue with the …

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