Newswire: Selena to be turned into digital puppet that will release new music

Further proving that death is just a minor hiccup between tours, a hologram is in the works that will resurrect Selena Quintanilla, the “Queen of Tejano music” whose murder in 1995 put what is now a temporary crimp in her recording schedule. That’s because, unlike other recent celebrity “holograms”—which pedants will point out are not really holograms, but rather old-fashioned projections, like their many insecurities—the new Selena “hologram” will be more of a “vocaloid,” akin to Japan’s virtual pop stars.

Her creator, Acrovirt LLC, is dedicated to “the virtualization of humans in various degrees of anatomical and mental detail,” creating a “walking, talking, singing, and dancing digital embodiment” that will react and adapt autonomously on Selena’s behalf—and that includes more than just performing concerts and singing Selena’s old songs. With the support of her family, who will no longer have to let Selena …

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