Newswire: Season 3 of Rick And Morty will premiere next month

Finally, after an April Fool’s Day tease and some worrying rumors about a feud between creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, season three of Adult Swim’s Rick And Mory finally has a premiere date—and it’s coming relatively soon. The Rick And Morty team held a livestream tonight, and Deadline is reporting that they used the livestream to reveal a new trailer for the show and announce that the third season will premiere on Sunday, July 30.

The trailer features a number of new and exciting things, including Pickle Rick, a promise of darker adventures, and Morty’s sister Summer becoming a giant. There’s also a voiceover saying that “only a show this smart could be this stupid,” which sounds about right.

Once again, Rick And Morty will finally premiere on July 30.

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