Newswire: Sean Spicer apologizes again, this time to Trump

There are countless things Sean Spicer ought to be apologizing for at any given time: His unfounded hatred of astronaut ice cream, inability to interpret simple pictures, and utter disregard for copy editors are just a few of them. Accordingly, Trump’s press secretary has issued the occasional mea culpa for a gaffe, though Dippin’ Dots doesn’t appear to have entirely forgiven him. But his latest blunder is too horrific for many to be waved away with one apology. On Tuesday, Spicer incorrectly stated Adolf Hitler had never resorted to chemical warfare. He then tried to fix his mistake with another inaccurate statement—that the Nazi dictator had never used such weapons against “his own people.” And for his final trick, Spicer invented a gross euphemism for death camps, calling them “Holocaust centers,” because again, he doesn’t really seem to understand the English language.

Spicer’s remorse seemed …

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