Newswire: Sean Penn would like to borrow your newborn baby

Attention aspiring South African stage parents who want their investment/offspring to start paying dividends right away: Deadline reports that a casting call recently went out for a day-old infant to appear in a Sean Penn movie. The ad calls for a “Pregnant black woman who is about to give birth,” adding that “We need the baby to be born around Saturday or Sunday,” conjuring up images of an AD with a walkie-talkie standing in the delivery room shouting “Push! Push! Let’s go, people!” The ad also says that “We will be using the baby only (obviously the mother is allowed on set with the baby),” which is…a nice gesture?

This postnatal thespian will appear in The Last Face, which is being directed by Penn and stars Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem as doctors who must face “tough moral decisions”—like, for example, whether it’s okay to …

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