Newswire: Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams, but just for his education

According to a CNN report, Sean Hannity pulled out a gun and showed it to his fellow Fox News contributor Juan Williams last October, in the wake of, as CNN’s Dylan Byers puts it, one of Hannity’s “many spirited on-air arguments” during the course of his show’s many enervating one-sided arguments. The fact that Hannity brought his gun to set, then showed it off to his “good friend”—an action that, in any normal workplace, would get you an HR write-up at minimum, followed by a mandatory McGruff The Crime Dog video—is not in dispute. But Hannity, Williams, and Fox News all disagree with CNN on just how Hannity showed Williams his firearm, with Hannity insisting that it was solely for Williams’ own education.

In the original report, Byers claims three separate sources said Hannity “pulled out his gun and pointed it directly at Williams,” even …

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