Newswire: Sculptor of Lucille Ball statue repents his terrible creation

In the late 16th century, legend holds, a rabbi in Prague created a golem out of clay and incantation to protect the city against pogroms. In the early 21st century, a sculptor in Celoron, New York created Lucille Ball out of bronze and nightmares to protect the city from its own selfish desires for stardom. Both men trembled before their creations; their villages were set aflame in a murderous rampage and an angry Facebook campaign, respectively. Gazing upon what he had wrought, the rabbi changed the magic word on the golem’s forehead, deactivating him so he could terrorize no more. And now sculptor Dave Poulin will do the same—cutting down his “Scary Lucy” himself and replacing it with another statue, one that hopefully won’t destroy him.

“[I] have always believed it to be by far most unsettling sculpture,” Poulin writes in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter …

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