Newswire: Screen Actors Guild reaches lucrative new deal on Independence Day

While most of the populace was either grilling or blowing up parts of the country over the holiday weekend, the Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists were negotiating a new three-year deal with production companies that will ensure all the TV and movies everyone will want to watch when they’re full and/or out of firecrackers will continue to get made. According to Variety, the current SAG-AFTRA deal expired on Friday, June 30, but three consecutive 24-hour extensions were given, to allow time to work out a new contract with production companies.

As in previous negotiations, proper compensation for new media was a big concern. But SAG and AFTRA have made other significant gains in this latest round of back and forth. In addition to wage increases (rising from 2.5 percent to 3 percent over the course of three years), employer contributions …

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