Newswire: Scrabble adds even more garbage words to its dictionary

Scrabble, once the sport of kings and their grandmothers, has made increasing inroads toward trying to chillax about its word restrictions, to name just one garbage portmanteau it allowed to slither into its official dictionary. Last year, it invited players to vote on a word for inclusion, which the people squandered on “geocache”a completely useless term that requires all the game’s “C” tiles, astronomical odds, and awareness of a pastime even nerdier than competitive Scrabble. At the same time, it added a host of neologisms such as “frenemy” and “selfie” that were clearly intended to draw hip millennials back to the fun of placing alphabetical tiles in a row, while simultaneously ruining this last, simple pleasure for anyone over the age of 50.

And now the floodgates are truly open. Around 6,500 new words have now joined the Scrabble ranks, many of them internet-derived slang like “emoji …

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