Newswire: Scout chief apologizes for exposing children to sitting U.S. president

Donald Trump descended back into his murky, toxic element earlier this week, basking in the chanting adulation of a bunch of people with no built-in resistance to his brand of half-baked carnival barker patter and vitriolic attacks on his enemies. Specifically, Trump was talking to children, at the quadrennial Boy Scouts Jamboree, regaling them with tales of sex yachts and what turned out to be preemptive, unfounded confidence about his ability to kill Obamacare. The Scouts in attendance apparently ate it all up, though, responding with chants of “USA, USA” and deafening cheers to his calls for “loyalty” and slams on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, in a manner that in no way conjured up images of any other political leaders who might have tried to organize his country’s young people (or “Youth”) into an organized political bloc.

Some things Trump told thousands of kids at the Boy Scouts …

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