Newswire: Scottish filmmaker risks lawsuit by streaming anti-Trump doc on Facebook Live

Earlier this month, we reported on a Kickstarter for a film called You’ve Been Trumped Too that focuses on Scotland’s Forbes family, which refused to sell their land to Donald Trump for his golf resort. According to filmmaker Anthony Baxter, the people running Trump’s resort have been actively antagonizing the family, going so far as to cut off their water supply five years ago and then refuse to fix it. That might seem a little outlandish coming from any other wealthy person, but cutting off a family’s water supply as petty revenge for interrupting a golf course-related scheme seems nearly as Trump-esque as having orange skin and wispy hair.

The Kickstarter ended up being successful, raising enough money for Baxter to move forward with releasing the film in the United States, but now it has attracted the attention of Trump and his legal team. According to …

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