Newswire: Scott Weiland says his new album is “furry,” announces tour

Scott Weiland (the real Scott Weiland, not hilarious shoplifting Weiland impersonator Jason Michael Hurley) is releasing his first new album in five years, a record he proudly describes as “furry.” In an interview with Rolling Stone, Weiland said Blaster is a much more straight-ahead rock effort than his last solo release (which he apparently considers to be 2008’s “Happy” In Galoshes, not the cringeworthy 2011 Christmas album The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year). Weiland explains:

““Happy” In Galoshes was an experimental art record, for the most part. Blaster is definitely a band sound: a stripped-down, furry sound with a lot of space between the notes. But it’s tight and to-the-point while keeping that garage rock vibe to it.”

Weiland and the band recorded Blaster in between stints of their 2013 ”Purple To The Core” tour, which was definitely named that because they played tracks from Stone Temple …

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