Newswire: Scientologists want their A&E show canceled, too

In a rare case of an organization actually asking to be given similar treatment to a high-profile racist hate group, the Church Of Scientology has denounced executives at A&E as hypocrites for continuing to air Leah Remini’s Scientology And The Aftermath while canceling the KKK docu-series Escaping The KKK. In a letter sent to the network—and initially obtained by TMZ—church representatives accused Remini of paying critics of the organization, including herself, to appear on-camera for her show, linking it to charges that producers of Escaping The KKK paid Klan members for access while filming.

As noted by Variety, A&E declared at the time that cash payments for documentary access were a “direct violation of A&E’s policies and practices for a documentary,” which the Church’s letter latches onto as a basis to cancel Remini’s extremely popular show. “Church of Scientology understands that two on-air accusers …

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