Newswire: Sci-fi strangeness overtakes Poughkeepsie in this Spill Zone exclusive

Poughkeepsie, New York was a quiet town on the Hudson River until a mysterious event made it ground zero for unexplainable phenomena that bend the rules of reality. The new First Second graphic novel Spill Zone from best-selling novelist Scott Westerfield (writer of the Uglies and Leviathan book series) and artist Alex Puvilland explores this strange new landscape three years after the catalyzing event, following a young woman named Addison as she ventures into the “Spill Zone” to take pictures of the bizarre happenings. These vibrant, otherworldly photos have become hot commodities in the art-collecting world, and a million-dollar offer compels Addison to move deeper into the Spill Zone than she ever has before, exposing her to untold dangers.

Image: First Second

The hard copy of Spill Zone won’t see release until May of next year, but beginning tomorrow, First Second is serializing the story online at …

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