Newswire: Scaramucci’s day gets even worse as Harvard accidentally declares him dead

The Mooch wouldn’t be The Mooch if he could get through a day without doing things to the max, so even though he just got fired as Donald Trump’s communications director after a little over a week with the job, things are somehow still getting more and more ridiculous for Anthony Scaramucci. As reported by The Washington Post, a new alumni directory for Harvard Law School recently came out, and it accidentally listed Scaramucci as having died since the last directory came out in 2011. Basically, he’s probably having a pretty lousy day.

The Washington Post story says it’s “unclear” whether or not this is a simple typo or a weird prank, but Harvard Law has released a statement apologizing for the mistake and claiming that the error will be fixed in “subsequent editions.” That makes it sound like Scaramucci will remain dead—at least as …

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