Newswire: Scalpers harsh Deadheads’ mellows by charging $100,000 for tickets

Exposing fatal flaws in the hippie worldview, according to Consequence Of Sound ticket scalpers are currently refusing to be cool and totally harshing everyone’s mellow by attempting to charge Grateful Dead fans up to six-figure prices for the band’s reunion shows in Chicago this summer. That’s a lot of grilled cheeses, dude.

This information comes courtesy of ticket resale website and fount of all concert-related evil StubHub, where one reseller is offering either Ben or Jerry—the only hippies who could possibly afford this sort of thing—the opportunity to purchase a three-day pass for $116,005.25. (The next highest seller is apparently taking the Price Is Right approach with an offer of $116,004.09.) These are the upper limits of pricing, of course—at the low end, a three-day pass will cost you a mere $1,250, and you can always hang out in …

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