Newswire: Saved By The Bell’s Screech convicted of carrying a concealed weapon

Former Saved By The Bell star and certified chess instructor Dustin Diamond has been convicted on charges of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon by a Wisconsin court. The charges stemmed from an incident last year, when the professional Screech was accused of stabbing a man who accosted him and his partner at a bar. According to BBC News, the pair were repeatedly badgered by a group of patrons who Diamond attempted to drive off by brandishing a pocketknife, because nothing defuses a tense situation like an embattled former child star waving around a blade. Events then escalated, in a scenario that’s almost exactly like the start of Con Air, except that nobody died or was even badly hurt, despite the fact that Diamond’s potentially deadly weapon was not his hands, honed by years of lethal special forces training, but a knife.

The court did acquit Diamond …

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