Newswire: Saturday Night Live doubles your Baldwin, as Donald Trump visits Bill O’Reilly

While Alec Baldwin has been, let’s call it noncommittal, about continuing on as Saturday Night Live‘s resident Donald Trump, last night’s Louis CK-hosted episode saw season 42’s permanent guest star take the joint over. Apart from appearing in the requisite “Donald Trump makes a fish-mouth while saying stupid and horrible things” cold open, Lorne Michaels turned over a second sketch to Alec Baldwin… and another Alec Baldwin. Eschewing the slew of no-doubt very available brother Baldwins for the idea of a Bill O’Reilly interviewing Donald Trump O’Reilly Factor sketch, Michaels instructed his Baldwin-loving crew to use some TV magic to have Baldwin-O’Reilly and Baldwin-Trump commiserate over their distressingly similar sexual harassment allegations/lawsuits/settlements.

Sure, Alec Baldwin’s Bill O’Reilly isn’t especially on-point vocally, but the makeup and belligerent head-tilt are there, his O’Reilly dodging the mounting proof of his …

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