Newswire: Satanists terrorize small-town America in this Winnebago Graveyard exclusive

Rural towns are common in the horror genre, and for good reason. Creators are constantly exploring the terrifying secrets of tight-knit communities that have their own traditions and beliefs, and the new Image Comics miniseries Winnebago Graveyard continues in this tradition by taking readers to a small California town full of cultists. Writer Steve Niles is one of the most reliable names in comics for chilling, insightful horror stories, and he’s teamed up with artist Alison Sampson and colorist Stéphane Paitreau to bring this haunting world to life with style and specificity.

This exclusive preview of June’s Winnebago Graveyard #1 begins the story by throwing readers directly into a satanic ritual, providing no information about the victims or the hooded figures sacrificing them. There’s a single moment of calm in that first panel, but once the trucks pull into the motel parking lot, the terror takes over …

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