Newswire: Sarah W. Searle announces her new coming-of-age graphic novel Thimble

Sarah Winifred Searle has been steadily building a reputation for herself as a cartoonist over the last few years thanks to her talent for character-driven stories with rich emotion and gently evocative artwork. She’s grown with each new project, whether it’s longer stories like Rosy Press’ Ruined (written by Sarah Vaughn) or short comics like the recent “Fatness, Femininity And The Media We Deserve” for The Nib, and Searle is applying her skills to a new graphic novel coming from Lerner Publishing’s Graphic Universe in fall 2019: Thimble. Telling the story of a 12-year-old girl, Harriet Flores, who moves to Chicago from rural Indiana, Thimble has been on Searle’s mind for half a decade, and she gave The A.V. Club first details on why she wants to bring Harriet’s story to the page and how she’s pushing herself with this latest endeavor.

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