Newswire: Sarah Michelle Gellar might be back for the Cruel Intentions TV show

Deadline is reporting that the producers behind NBC’s planned TV revival of Cruel Intentions have approached Sarah Michelle Gellar about reprising her starring role from the Roger Kumble-directed film. For those of you who weren’t having their sexual awakening foisted upon them in 1999, that would mean Gellar would be stepping back into the role of Kathryn Merteuil, whose various carnal manipulations set the stage (and eventually ensured her social destruction by) the rapidly escalating events of the film.

Gellar is apparently currently reading through the script—which centers on the next generation of dangerously liaisoning Los Angeles teens, including a starring role for Kathryn’s step-nephew, Bash—to see if she’d be interested in reprising one of her most prominent movie turns (at least, until people start acknowledging the genius of Southland Tales, anyway.) The Buffy The Vampire Slayer star’s last regular TV gig was …

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