Newswire: Sarah Koenig is hoping people don’t get as obsessed with Serial Season 2

Rumors have been swirling this week about the much-anticipated second season of Serial, the internet phenomenon that taught the world about the intricacies of Best Buy parking lots and chimps who deliver your mail. Producer and host Sarah Koenig was apparently spotted at a military hearing for ex-prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl last week, leading several outlets to report that Bergdahl’s case, which has lead to the Army Sergeant being charged with desertion, would be the subject of one of the show’s two planned seasons.

But Koenig and her staff are apparently unhappy with the way their stunningly popular product has become a story in and of itself, remaining tight-lipped about the upcoming programs and limiting themselves to asking their fellow journalists to back the hell off and let them do their jobs. According to Maxim, one of several publications that reported on the Bergdahl story, requests for …

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