Newswire: Samsung to refurbish and sell recalled Galaxy Note 7s

Despite the bad press surrounding a certain model of combustible phones, Samsung isn’t giving up on the Galaxy Note 7. Just six months after recalling the one million units that had already been sold, the tech giant has announced its plans to recycle, refurbish, and resell the damn things, BuzzFeed reports. Rather than move forward with a newer model like just about every other phone maker, Samsung has cast a baleful eye over the graveyard of Note 7s, and decided to find a way to salvage some components, and otherwise refurbish the phones to get them into resale shops.

But the fablet manufacturer isn’t completely throwing caution to the wind; it’s already set three ground rules for how this recycling process will be carried out. First of all, the recalled units will be considered “refurbished or rental phones where applicable.” Also, any salvageable components that are found …

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