Newswire: Samantha Bee’s tale of two drug cases puts Jeff Sessions’ throwback drug war on trial

On this week’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Bee sandwiched her weekly rundown of the various layers of bullshit the Trump administration is burying the country under to focus on the predictably racist and atavistic drug policies of currently embattled Attorney General and “apple-cheeked hate-hate goblin” (Bee’s words), Jeff Sessions. Heading down to Texas, Bee’s cameras examined the criminal justice experiences of two very different people arrested on what turned out (much) later to be false drug charges. There’s a twist ending to the story, so NO SPOILERS!

One, a 20-something bro named Ross, was pulled over for not signaling and arrested for drug possession when the officer in question found a lumpy dress sock with what he assumed—and a drug-detecting “field test” confirmed—was about a bare foot’s-worth of crystal meth. The other, a middle aged guy named Barry pulled over for reasons …

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