Newswire: Samantha Bee reveals the craft behind Full Frontal

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee dispensed with all the “woman in late night” questions in the cold open to its premiere episode Monday night. Bee is very much aware that she’s the only female host of late night (yes, some might say primetime), but has said that the “woman-ness [she’s] steeped in” will inform her show, not overshadow it. Still, the reporters in the fake press conference insist on centering the discussion on her gender, rephrasing each other’s queries while ensuring that “as a woman” remain the operative words. Bee finally responds to their bemusement by admitting that she does owe some of her success to magic (wink), and then the scene cuts to an occult ritual, complete with cursed children and contortion. “We’re all witches,” she chuckles, which is bad news for the trolls.

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