Newswire: Samantha Bee looks to noted baller Elizabeth Warren for encouragement on Full Frontal

After six months of a Trump presidency and its attendant assaults on all that is decent, honorable, and especially female, Samantha Bee was looking for some much-needed spiritual sustenance on last night’s Full Frontal. So she went looking for perhaps the one woman in America more dogged in her pursuit of truth, justice, and the pre-Trump American Way than she is: Massachusetts Senator and notoriously persistent badass, Elizabeth Warren.

Their interview took the form of a pep talk from the unwaveringly optimistic Warren to the frazzled Bee, with Bee eventually engaging the game senator in a spot of “talk me off the edge of the death of democracy” role-playing. Warren did her level best, assuring Bee that we’re going to come out of this better than we started, although she did offer the clear-eyed reality check caveat, “because we don’t have any choice.” And while that is …

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