Newswire: Sam Raimi to take charge of World War 3

Ash Vs. Evil Dead creator and former Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has signed on to direct World War 3 (not to be confused with its better-known apocalyptic counterpart, World War Z). Warner Bros. has apparently just closed a deal for Raimi to helm a film adaptation of The Next 100 Years, geopolitical forecaster George Friedman’s 2009 book of speculative non-fiction, which predicts (along with a bunch of other things) a third world war between the U.S. and a Turkish-Japanese alliance, kicking off some time around 2050.

And while that doesn’t necessarily sound like subject matter ripe for Raimi’s Looney Tunes-inspired sensibilities—unless he can figure out a way to depict the political fragmentation of Russia via some zippy P.O.V. shots—the details of the proposed war do sound like they’d make for a pretty cool movie. Friedman’s vision of the future, after …

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