Newswire: Salvador Dali is being exhumed to settle a surreal paternity case

A Spanish woman who claims that surrealist master Salvador Dali was her biological father is suing The Dali Foundation, prompting the exhumation of Dali’s corpse, according to the BBC.

Salvador Dali and his wife/muse/agent Gala Dali had no children in their five decades together, partially because she lived alone in a castle he bought for her for a couple decades of it. Gala had innumerable affairs during that time with her husband’s blessing, using the money she made from selling Salvador’s art to lavish gifts on her lovers. With Salvador, though, things were, let’s say, a bit more complicated. He claimed to be impotent and afraid of female genitalia, and in his later years would hold orgies which he would watch, but not participate in. Still, given his fame, genius, and ahead-of-his-time handlebar mustache, one would assume that he had no shortage of opportunities …

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