Newswire: Ryan Murphy teases that the next American Horror Story season is about bees

Recently, in what can only be described as a gift to everyone who likes to quote Arrested Development, share funny Oprah gifs, or reference hot memes based on Jerry Seinfeld movies, Ryan Murphy has shared a teaser that seems to indicate that the next season of American Horror Story will have something to do with bees. Murphy posted his teaser on Instagram, and it includes a person covered in bees with a caption indicating that it’s some sort of “clue” for next week’s real reveal of the season seven title for American Horror Story:

Instagram Embed

Granted, American Horror Story have some kind of bee-related season is only the most obvious guess, as Murphy’s tease could actually be about B-movies or stinging. Also, he says this is a clue for the title, not necessarily for the theme, so even if it’s American Horror Story: Covered In …

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