Newswire: Russo brothers teaming up with the directors of Swiss Army Man for sci-fi project

According to Deadline, Joe and Anthony Russo (a.k.a. The Russos) are going to be working with Swiss Army Man directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (a.k.a. The Daniels) on their next movie. We don’t know any specifics about the project, but it’s going to be a sci-fi story that will somehow be “as original as Swiss Army Man.” Considering that movie was about Paul Dano getting stranded on an island with Daniel Radcliffe’s farting boner corpse, that’s an extremely tall order. Even spit-balling an idea that would be “as original” as that movie seems impossible, but maybe it’ll be a musical about a dinosaur who gets resurrected in the future and then becomes the captain of a spaceship. It could be called Captain Chompy’s Fabulous Space Cruise, and it’ll push the R-rating as far as it can go in …

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