Newswire: Russian politician hates that free U2 album, calls it gay propaganda

Remember when Apple tried to be that cool uncle who introduced you to his music by gifting you a U2 album? And remember when Apple wound up looking like a doofus with ungrateful nieces and nephews, when everybody said they didn’t want that shitty album, thanks, and Apple had to find a way to take it back? Well, it turns out that Russia hates U2’s Songs Of Innocence even more than spoiled Americans who don’t appreciate all the nice things Bono and Apple do for them. Their biggest objections? The album is spam (we knew that, thanks), and it’s dangerously gay (what?).

According the The Guardian, a right wing Russian Duma deputy (roughly the equivalent of a U.S. Congressperson) feels that Apple’s promotional gimmick is tantamount to distributing “gay propaganda” to minors, and is asking that the attorney general investigate. Specifically, Alexander Starovoitov objects …

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