Newswire: Russia rules Valiant in this extended Divinity III: Stalinverse preview

Valiant’s Divinity miniseries have been some of the publisher’s most captivating stories, exploring what happens when Soviet-era Cosmonauts are given god-like powers in space and return to an Earth where the U.S.S.R. has been dissolved. The first Divinity series introduced Abram Adams, a man who used his incredible abilities to create a paradise in the Australian outback, but the lead of Divinity II, Abram’s fellow Cosmonaut, Myshka, had a more fraught return to Earth when she saw how her country had fallen from power. Writer Matt Kindt’s story has expanded with each new miniseries, and next month’s Divinity III: Stalinverse is shaping up to be the most ambitious narrative yet as it takes readers to a Valiant Universe where the Soviet Union has taken over the entire planet.

This exclusive extended preview of December’s Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 reveals new interpretations …

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