Newswire: Russia bans Child 44 for “distorting history,” because only Russia gets to do that

The past few years have seen a resurgence of nationalism and heavy-handed tactics on the part of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, so much so that some suggest Putin has pushed the country back toward the days of the cold war. But despite international condemnation for the country’s behavior in Ukraine, there’s one thing at which Russia will always be great, and that is censorship. Well, censorship, and distorting history in comically hilarious ways. Thus, it makes perfect sense that Yahoo! News reports the country has banned the new Tom Hardy/Gary Oldman film Child 44 on the grounds that it distorts history, because that is something that only Russia itself gets to do within its own borders.

Child 44, a film written by Richard Price from his own novel, is the story of a serial killer of children on the loose in post-World War II Russia …

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