Newswire: Russell Brand named world’s fourth most influential thinker, and not by Russell Brand either

Despite resembling the corporeal manifestation of an absinthe hallucination experienced by Charles Dickens in 1861, Russell Brand has apparently made quite a name for himself with the rebellious British youth of late. In the past couple of years, Brand has embarked upon yet another reinvention, this time from mildly irritating Cockney caricature in movies you would only watch on a plane to a populist rabble-rouser who is quickly becoming a political force on the British left.

That—and presumably not Get Him To The Greek—is the reason why the self-proclaimed “leading magazine of ideas” Prospect has ranked him No. 4 on their list of the most influential public intellectuals in the world today. (Also, being smarty-pants types, they probably knew it would get them a lot of press.) Brand ranks between The Shock Doctrine author Naomi Klein and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on the list, which is pretty …

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