Newswire: Russell Brand cancels SXSW appearance because watching a film about himself is too painful

Russell Brand, famous funny man, fast talker, and champion of truth in the media, bailed on his scheduled appearance at the worldwide premiere of director Ondi Timoner’s documentary, Brand: A Second Coming. As the film was set to screen at SXSW on Friday, this classifies the decision as coming pretty close to the 11th hour, but apparently Brand was uncomfortable with the idea of reliving his past, as he wrote in a statement on his official site. Brand is a hard look at the actor’s journey to fame, including his much-publicized battle with addiction and “Hot N Cold” (sorry) relationship with Katy Perry. The film took seven years and “as many directors to complete,” according to Brand in his statement.

It at least seems as though Brand understands the irony of this news given his notorious attention-grabbing demeanor, explaining in his long-winded excuse, “You’d think a narcissist …

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