Newswire: Rumor time: Warner Bros. executives loved Batman V. Superman, want Affleck for the long haul

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: by day, Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning director of crowd-pleasing political thrillers and gritty, social-minded crime dramas. But by night (and also by day, pending shooting schedules), the Boston-minded performer is rumored to spend his time running around on studio sets, dressing up like a bat and pretending to beat up lunatics, criminals, and gods from space. It’s all enough to make you ask yourself: why have you never seen director Ben Affleck and Batman V. Superman star Ben Affleck in the same place, huh?

Now, even more fuel has been thrown onto the speculative fires, with Deadline reporting that two of Affleck’s non-superhero films, The Accountant and Live By Night, have both been pushed back by Warner Bros. The former, directed by Warriors Gavin O’Conner, cast Affleck as a mild-mannered assassin, while the latter will be the …

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