Newswire: Ron Swanson expert Nick Offerman knows who the character wouldn’t vote for

We’ve reached the back-half of October, which means that even in an ordinary election season, we’d be milling out of the proverbial stands, ready to be done with all of this campaign nonsense. But we’re not in an ordinary election season: We’re trapped in a genital-groping, spray-tanned fugue state, where everyone from Crooked Hillary Clinton to Crooked The Onion is conspiring to blockade a baby-fingered jack-o’-lantern from fulfilling his presidential birthright. So naturally, this level of insanity means we are now fully engaged in debating the voting inclinations of fictional characters, including assertions over whom would earn the vote of the luxuriously mustachioed Ron Swanson.

According to Screen Crush, the volume of assumptions about the Parks And Recreation director’s political leanings has reached a critical mass, and Nick Offerman felt duty-bound to weigh in on behalf of the city employee he portrayed on television …

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